Vaccine Adverse Reactions

The National VA Council (NVAC) of AFGE, which includes Local 17 Vice Presidents Calanit Kedem and Nicholas Keogh as well as treasurer Bill Wetmore, achieved a recent Settlement Agreement with the VA securing compensation for those who suffered adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The health and safety of union members is paramount for AFGE. While many took the step to get vaccinated during uncertain times, some faced adverse effects requiring use of sick leave. NVAC has ensured that union members receive compensation for the use of up to 16 hours of sick leave required to recover from adverse effects of the vaccine. Members are encouraged to follow the instructions in the posting to receive reimbursement.

NVAC’s recent achievements are not just victories for current members but beckon to those contemplating joining. The advantages of aligning with AFGE Local 17 are evident, ensuring a future where the rights and well-being of VA employees are a priority. Embrace the benefits and collective strength of AFGE Local 17 in partnership with NVAC and AFGE as a whole.

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