Federal Teleworkers and Locality Pay Rules

In the wake of recent accusations against federal teleworkers by Senator Joni Ernst and others, the AFGE Local 17 Union stands in defense of its members. As reported by Erich Wagner in Government Executive, AFGE Local 17 notes that Sen. Ernst’s recent remarks have caused concern among some union members. The senator’s claims of “fraud” against federal employees, specifically those teleworking from lower cost areas, lack concrete evidence. (Wagner, Erich. Government Executive). Ernst’s pressure on the administration to reduce telework seems ill-timed, especially when the Office of Management and Budget and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients are already working on initiatives to reduce telework and increase in-person work at federal agencies.

Understanding Locality Pay Rules

At AFGE Local 17, we believe in the importance of teleworking rights while also recognizing the need for adherence to locality pay rules. We encourage all federal teleworkers to take the initiative to research and fully understand the locality pay guidelines set by the Office of Personnel Management. By doing so, employees can ensure they remain compliant and avoid any potential complications. The locality pay area that encompasses Washington, D.C. extends from the eastern shore of Maryland, through parts of southern Pennsylvania, to northern Virginia, and even touches parts of West Virginia.

AFGE Local 17’s Stance

AFGE Local 17 is committed to defending the rights of federal teleworkers while balancing Agency concerns. We encourage our members to remain informed about locality pay rules and their implications. We will continue to advocate for the rights and benefits of our members.


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