At our recent town hall, Local 17 discussed the many problems at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals due to poor leadership and mismanagement.

The demoralization of employees is due to management:

  • Focusing on fear and coercion rather than other sources of power
  • Appointing Veterans Law Judges (VLJs) with no experience in Veterans law
  • Increasing the quota for 2024
  • Misinterpreting performance standards to require attorneys to meet their production requirements on a pro rata basis every week
  • The lack of training and ongoing support.

The Union’s objectives include:

  • Convincing management to create fair performance standards with employee input
  • Enforce the annual quota
  • Restore the 7-year requirement of relevant experience for VLJs
  • Improve training and ongoing support
  • Convincing Secretary McDonough to install competent leaders

Additionally, the presentation from the town hall meeting is now available for download in both PDF and PowerPoint formats. To access these resources, simply click on the associated links provided below. This will enable you to review the key points discussed during the meeting and gain a deeper understanding of the issues faced by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. By staying informed, we can work together to bring about positive change and ensure that our Veterans receive the support they deserve.

Download the PDF presentation here
Download the PowerPoint presentation here


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