In an effort to foster open communication and continuous improvement within our organization, we have devised a survey centered around the recent town hall conducted by the Board. The town hall served as a platform for discussing various ongoing and upcoming initiatives. Now, we are keen on understanding your perspectives regarding the discussions held during this event.

Your Insight is Valuable

We believe that every opinion matters in shaping a transparent and collaborative environment. Through this survey, we aim to uncover any topics that might not have been discussed thoroughly, gather impressions about the town hall, and gauge the collective sentiment towards the Board’s current trajectory.

Lend Your Voice

The responses to this survey will provide invaluable insights that can guide the Board in fostering constructive dialogues in the future. We encourage you to participate and share your thoughts candidly.

Take the Survey Now

Your feedback is a step towards creating a more inclusive and responsive organizational culture. Scroll down to take the survey now and make your voice heard. Your opinion is not just welcomed—it’s needed.

Employees Survey


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