What do you think about the new VA Telework Plan?

In our commitment to upholding the rights and interests of VA employees, AFGE Local 17 has keenly followed the unfolding developments regarding the VA Telework Plan. We recognize that Secretary Denis McDonough’s recent proposal might significantly impact the way many of you work, and we are determined to ensure your concerns do not go unnoticed.

The proposed VA Telework Plan suggests a structured hybrid work schedule, emphasizing a return to the worksite for at least five days per pay period by this Fall for non-bargaining unit employees in the National Capitol Region (NCR). While there might be potential benefits from in-person collaborations, we cannot overlook the disruptions this could bring to the work-life balance many have come to value.

Our union believes in collective action and strength. As such, we have set up a survey specifically designed to hear your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions regarding the VA Telework Plan. Your feedback is crucial in guiding our approach, negotiations, and advocacy strategy moving forward.

AFGE Local 17 stands by you. Let’s unite in addressing the challenges posed by this plan and work towards an optimal solution that respects the needs and rights of every VA employee.

Complete the VA Telework Plan Survey

Attention Attorneys at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals: Please do not complete the survey because you are exempt from the Secretary’s plan and will remain on your current telework/remote agreement. Administrative professionals at the Board, however, are encouraged to complete the survey.

Telework Survey
Where do you work?
Secretary McDonough’s plan of bringing employees back to the office 50% (2 days one week and 3 days the other week during a pay period) is fine with me.
I would be okay coming to the office no more than 2 days per week, which represents a slight decrease from 50% to 40% in-office days.
I would be okay coming to the office 3 days per pay period – 2 days one week, 1 day the other week – but with one required in-office day (e.g. Wednesday) for my entire group/team to collaborate.
If required to come to the office 2 days per week, I would voluntarily come in more frequently.
How many days per week would you ideally like to work from home?
I’ve been able to sufficiently communicate and collaborate with my team members while working from home.
I’m generally more productive working from home.
Are you currently eligible to retire?
I am eligible to retire and would seriously consider retiring if required to come to the office more frequently.
I am not eligible to retire but would seriously consider leaving the VA if required to come to the office more frequently.


  1. I appreciate the AFGE’s interest in getting the facts straight and encourage everyone to write their congressional representative.

    Changing the telework system to help finance NCR’s private business wastes taxpayers’ money when those changes diminish the workforce’s productivity. Private sector businesses in the NCR use their influence through their lobbyists, who will exploit any apparent weakness in our workplace to rake in more money without concern for its effect on workplace productivity.

    The AFGE and your congressional representative need to hear from all employees impacted by this to offset what the lobbyists for local private sector interests are telling them.

  2. Continuing telework saves the taxpayers money. I use my electricity, internet service, purchased my own desk, sit/stand desk and chair and maintain the cleanness in my office workspace. When I have doctor’s appointments, I do not need to take the full day off like I would if I were commuting. I work in a safe environment without worry. Taking public transportation is unreliable. The metro and train schedules change without notice. I a project take longer than my tour, I will most likely continue working instead of worrying if I can get home at a decent hour. I feel I give my best work from home.


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