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VA Child Care Subsidy Program


VA Child Care Subsidy Program Information

Do you need financial help with child care expenses?  Did you know that VA offered a childcare subsidy program?  VA doesn’t advertise it well, but this program could save you money towards child care! 

Titled the VA Child Care Subsidy Program, it is a VA nation-wide benefit which assists VA employees reduce the cost of child care by providing you a subsidy. 

Here’s how you can qualify and apply:

  • You must be a VA employee for at least 60 days
  • Your Total Family Income (TFI) must not exceed $89,999, or, if you qualify under the Covid-19 Expansion Program, then your adjusted gross household income must not exceed $144,000 a year
  • Change to the TFI eligibility up to $149,000 is coming soon
  • To apply online and submit for approval, please visit: (Must be on VA Network to access this link).

For more information, visit or email the VA CCSP service at

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