Local 17: Standing Strong Against Bad Faith Bargaining

Standing Strong Against Bad Faith Bargaining

AFGE Local 17 is dedicated to representing the interests of its members and ensuring that performance standards are negotiated fairly and transparently. In light of the recent article published on GovExec, which details an arbitrator’s finding that the VA violated a settlement agreement by engaging in bad faith bargaining, Local 17 is determined to take a proactive approach in upcoming negotiations.

In the referenced article, the arbitrator determined that the VA had breached a settlement agreement between the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) and the Department of Veterans Affairs and the arbitrator’s 39 page decision found that VA, “ignored Federal Labor Relations Authority precedent and engaged in surface and other bad faith bargaining techniques.” This demonstrates the importance of holding management accountable and ensuring that they negotiate in good faith.

As Local 17 initiates negotiations on performance standards at the Board and across various departments, it is crucial for management to remain conscious of their responsibility to avoid bad faith bargaining. Simultaneously, the union will take on the task of providing timely reminders and and employing any other necessary measures that are available to us in order to ensure that management adheres to the principles of good faith negotiations throughout the bargaining process.

Local 17 is committed to standing strong against bad faith bargaining and ensuring that the VA remains a place where employees are valued, supported, and treated fairly. By working together and remaining vigilant, we can uphold the principles of good faith bargaining, foster a positive environment for all, and ultimately contribute to delivering the best possible service to our nation’s Veterans.


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