About the AFGE National VA Council Contract Signing Ceremony

The culmination of five years of dedication and hard work will be marked by the AFGE National VA Council Contract Signing Ceremony. Celebrate the signing of the 2023 Master Collective Bargaining Agreement, recently ratified by AFGE National VA Council (NVAC) members. The event will include key members of both the NVAC and VA bargaining teams, along with prominent figures such as AFGE President Kelley and VA Secretary Denis McDonough.

AFGE National VA Council Contract Signing Ceremony Details

Join the celebration as the National VA Council hosts the signing ceremony on Tuesday, August 8th at 11 AM ET. This ceremony will stand as a symbol of unity, success, and a promising future under the new contract.

  • Attendees
    • The NVAC and VA bargaining teams
    • AFGE President Everett Kelley
    • VA Secretary Denis McDonough
    • Others

The Significance of the Agreement

This new agreement not only maintains 99% of the 2011 Master Agreement but also brings significant updates. The changes to Article 23, focusing on Title 5 Merit Promotion, stand out as a testament to the dedication toward ensuring a fair and merit-based system for VA employees.

Key Milestones and Achievements

  • Ratification of the 2023 Master Agreement
  • Modernization of Article 23
  • Enhancement of the promotion process for VA employees


The AFGE National VA Council Contract Signing Ceremony marks an era of collaboration and progress. All are invited to join the celebration online and watch this significant event unfold live on Facebook on August 8th. By standing together, we continue our relentless pursuit of prioritizing VA employees and Veterans, fostering a future of cooperation and excellence.

Make sure to tune in to the live stream and witness this historic moment!


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