Rehabilitation Committee

Local 17’s Attorney Rehabilitation and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Committee Mission

Benton Komins Headshot
Benton Jay Komins, JD, PhD

As Board attorneys ourselves, we know the challenges that decision-writing attorneys face daily, juggling efficient review of complex (and convoluted) claims files, cobbling together coherent and Veteran-centric opinions, and meeting different Board Members’ expectations.  Sometimes this can become overwhelming, and we fall behind.  We want to help. 

Over the past year, we have guided over 12 attorneys through the PIP process successfully; moreover, we have assisted scores of other attorneys avoid “falling into” PIPs.  Last month, Doug Massey appointed me to enhance our rehabilitation efforts.  Our committee aims to “rehabilitate” decision-writing attorneys—provide tools, support, and efficiency strategies to ensure success.  From critical conversations to “deep dives” into claims files, we will steward you through speedbumps and help you remain on course to achieving a fully successfully performance evaluation.

As the Committee chair, I encourage any attorney who either feels insecure about production figures or has received a letter of counseling for quantity and/or quality to reach out to me.  Our team will work with you personally and develop a plan to avoid formal discipline.  Please do not wait as time is of the essence for a turnaround.  We have seen attorneys on PIPs end up with exceptional ratings at the end of the fiscal year; this is possible with personalized guidance and deep commitment. 

Let us empower you to succeed.

Benton Jay Komins, JD, PhD